Yeosu_Beginning, Middle and the End 2015

February 10, 2015

- Live Broadcasting Media Theater -



Features of the Work

The performance is given on a broadcasting studio without the audience and broadcasted real time online via cameras and the broadcasting system installed in the studio. The audience are individual web users beyond cameras. Documentary images that Kyongju Park shot in Yeosu Seongsim Hospital when the fire occurred are edited real time to be aired with a half dramatic play for the audience. The studio reborn with simple white cubes without a specific stage setting well demonstrates memories and episodes of the tragedy occurring eight years ago.


The Work covers the story after the fire in Yeosu Foreigners' Detention Center to the time when bereaved families and injured persons finished negotiation about compensation and left. We ask the audience about the truth of the fire incident by mixing testimony and arguments of several people. However, we never tell a specific truth but we make the audience imagine a direction of the truth and how it looks like.


Yeosu Story
On February 11, 2007 at 4 in the morning a fire broke out in cell 304 of Yeosu Foreigners' Detention Center.(The 3rd floor detained male migrant workers at the time of fire) A total of 9 out of 55 detained migrant workers suffocated and died in toxic fumes from the urethanes mats: Sung-Nam Kim (Chinese, ethnic Korean), Yelchin (Uzbekinstan), Kwangseok Kim (Chinese, ethnic Korean), Nubo (Chinese, Han Chinese), Taebok Lee (Chinese, ethnic Korean), Seonhee Jin (Chinese, Han Chinese), Jeokwo Jang (Chinese, Han Chinese), Kwanchoong Son (Chinese, Han Chinese), and Shiachoon Lee (Chinese, Han Chinese). Haepa Whang (Chinese, Han Chinese) among the seriously injured also died while treated in the intensive care unit. A total of 10 migrants died of the fire at the Yeosu Foreigners' Detention Center. Some of the survivals of the fire got compensation while others didn't. Most of them still suffer from aftereffects of the fire and do not receive due attention from the world.


Date: At 4:16 am/7:30 pm on February 11th (Wed), 2015 (Twice a day) 
Duration: 120 minutes
Location: Real time broadcasting via UstreamKorea 
Production: Salad Thater (
Producer: Kyongju Park 
Writer & Director: Kyongju Park (
Choreography: Eunju Park, Anima Singh
Music: Wolfgang in der Wiesche
Media Diretor: Sungsuk Suk
Stage & Costume Design: Kyongju Park
Light Director: Jaesung Lee
Broadcast Director: Taeckwan Nam
Cast: Byungsun Rue, Inyong Son, Eunju Park, Anima Singh, Donguk Lee, Jinmun Kim, Hyunyong Shin, Jihea Yoo
Translation: Hayan Jeon, Gewha Kim



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